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Thriving Beyond COVID  was developed as a gift to the church by Pastor Jeff Linman.

Jeff has a passion for awakening Kingdom impacting dreams in the church. In 33 years as a pastor, he served 4 congregations, 20 of them as the founding and lead pastor of Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church in Orlando, Florida.


Jeff has also launched two other church renewal initiatives:

Ignite the Church Conference: 


Dream Leader's Initiative, a congregational renewal and coaching ministry:

If you have any questions or need additional information, send an email.

Helping congregations and leaders get in the right frame of mind to successfully navigate their Post-Covid challenges and come out stronger and more vital than before.

Thriving Beyond COVID is a 4 session scripture based study resource designed to help churches release the burdens of the pandemic, promote deeper faith in the Spirit's power at work in their midst, and empower their mission going forward.

This resource includes:

  • 4 brief seed-planting videos

  • 3 Bible study journaling experiences

  • Activities to promote small and large group conversation


All resources are available for free download below.

It can be used by your leadership team, existing small groups or, most impactfully, in an all-day congregation retreat. Worship resources to get the entire congregation involved are also provided. It can also be used in rostered leader gatherings to ensure that they are leading from a place of faith that inspires rather than from a place of fear, worry, and doubt that can undermine ministry effectiveness.


What Leaders Are Saying:

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- Thriving Beyond Covid moved us from a place of pandemic paralysis to a place of movement and visioning. The first session is a very important one. We need an opportunity to speak about the difficulty and challenges we have faced individually and corporately. The way you framed it was a real gift. Inviting us to bring out our fears so they could be exposed to the light of Christ in community felt safe, productive, and faithful. It's even better that this grief and fear processing was guided so that we have the opportunity to grieve while also pairing it with scripture and hope. I loved that you invited us to dream big and  unconstrained: no judgement, no limitations. That is a freeing invitation! Thank you for developing this great resource.

- Thriving Beyond Covid was easy to use and just what the doctor ordered as we started meeting at church again. It took us four Sundays after church to get through it. The fruit of the work was worth it. The most important realization was that the danger of burnout was high, and we wanted to change that. Several people were surprised at how easy S.O.A.P. journaling was. As insights and prayers were shared, we were sure of the Spirit’s presence.

- Thank you for this resource! It has been extremely valuable. The material served as our Fall stewardship campaign. Rise Up! worked perfectly for Commitment Sunday. It will also be our Lent (Letting Go), Holy Week (Trusting God), and Easter season (Rising Up) theme. One thing I have done is drop COVID to make it simply Thriving Beyond. Yes, COVID still exists, but we are not just called to thrive when it is over, or in the midst of it. I firmly believe that the notion we will somehow get past it is holding us back. We are called to Thrive Beyond it. The shift I have used is the true sense of metanoia (thinking beyond, moving to the higher mind). We are called by God's grace to thrive right here and right now, no matter what is around us.

- I used Thriving Beyond Covid as advance preparation for a 3-hour council retreat I was asked to lead. The council did a fabulous job working through the sessions and clearly identified (in advance) 3 goals about which there was energy & passion . They left the retreat with strategic steps, an identified champion, a team, and an initial timeline for the first one or two steps toward each goal. Thriving Beyond Covid set them up well. We could not have accomplished that much in a single morning without their faithful & thorough work using this resource. I'm thrilled that so many around the country & internationally have downloaded the materials.

Leader and Participant Guides as well as the Videos

and a Powerpoint are available for FREE download.

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